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Kandice Silicone Full Real Love Doll

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Kandice Silicone Full Real Love Doll featuring: 5 feet sex doll or 1.5 meters and extremely petite like an 18 year old girl in bloom, super gorgeous, thin, and very desirable full length size doll. Top seller of the year.

Sku # : IS9056
Pubic Hair Color and Style

Oral Insert

Vaginal Insert

Anal Insert

Vaginal & Anal Insert Diameter

Vaginal & Anal Insert Length

Terms & Conditions: Isexdoll.com is offering the customers to customize her appearance on the attribute selections provided. Please note the doll is fully custom and will take at least six weeks from the time of order until completion and delivery. We do not accept returns on this item, we do not accept to cancel order on this item after 3 days of receiving your order. Please be sure to read all the detail as shown below. This item is sold only in USA. Please note we accept cashier's check or money order for the amount of sale price/ + $115.00 S&H and any other additional custom features. Payable to:

Direct Services International Inc.
445 Capricorn Street
Brea, CA 92821

Height: 5 feet or 1.5 meters
Weight: 40 lbs
Stats: 28"-20"-28"
Chest: A small B approx
Breasts & Butt is filled with silicon gel (this gel will not leak)
Skeleton: Articulated PVC & bungi cord joints
Outfit: Undies & tank top
You can customize her appearance on the order form with minimal charge.

Shipping information:
Shipping crate: cardboard with reinforced internal wood box 60x24x12 @ 90 pounds
Ship via FedEx in about 3 - 4 weeks

Vaginal, Anal & Oral entries are 1" dia. & 7-1/2" deep made with soft silicone.If you need a different entry size to fit you, please let us know. We will be glad to make one that fits you at minimal extra cost. We cannot change the insert if you order the wrong size, please select carefully.

She is made of laminated silicone skin with foam and internal PVC skeletal structure. This keeps her light and durable.
Breaking-in the entries is needed to prevent premature tears. Vaginal & oral entries need a dildo (the size you like) inserted with a good amount of lubricant and left inside for 24 hours.
After it has set for 24 hours, check if the entry fits you comfortably. If not repeat the 24 hours insertion steps listed above and check again in another 24 hours.
For a larger Dildo, the anal entry needs to be cut open:If the dildo is larger than 1" - 1-1/4" dia. you need to make the anal skin opening larger (using a sharp blade cut your prefered opening) to accomodate the large dildo.

Note: Regarding Silicone;
Sometimes the silicone may be a little hard after demolding. This will soften in a month or so. Once the silicone softens, it will stay that way for a long time. Please be careful when scratching or compressing the silicone, as she may tear.
With proper care she should be your special companion for many years to come.

Distinct Features: Why Personal Companions are the Ideal Love Doll !
Always Stunning
Very realistic
Exceptionally satisfying
Unbelievably Jiggly Breasts and Butt
Easy to carry or clean
Functions all standard positions
Very Affordable
Resists tears
Exceptionally satisfying
5ft and extremely Petite
Durable PVC skeleton
Can be stored in the shipping crate
Solid Silicone Skin
Disease Free
Flexible for comfortable positioning

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