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Turn on the fun with our huge collection of whips for sex games. In this section you will find the most interesting products on the market including soft and feminine ticklers, furry teasers, firm paddles made from wood, plastic or silicone, and of course a huge selection of whips made from rubber and silicone. Our whips come in different sizes and different weight categories. The heavier the whip is, the more pleasurable pain your object of punishment will receive. All the items in this section are extremely durable and require no maintenance.

Either you want to punish your lover with a strong slap of a leather whip or tease and tickle him/her with a soft feather paddle – IsexDoll.com has what you are looking for. This section contains a variety of products for spanking, hurting, teasing and pleasing your partner. Tenth of paddles, whips and feathers are made from leather, metal, wood, fur, plastic, rubber and any other material you can think of. Teasers & Ticklers are considered to be very fun for bed play. I Sex Doll works with nearly every Sex Toys manufacturer in the business. We continue to display new and improved Ticklers all the time.

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