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Handcuffs and thumbcuffs

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Hand restraint is the ultimate bondage item. Here at ISexDoll we offer over one hundred items including wrist cuffs, thumb cuffs and ankle cuffs. Our bondage rope can be used as an arm or leg restraint. We have numerous soft and furry playfull handcuffs along with heavy duty professional style cuffs for rough games. Classic black silicone and rubber cuffs are popular with our male cutomers, while fur lined velvet ones are a hit with women. Designer cuffs are manufactured in smaller quantities and decorated with ornaments and creative details.

Our carefully selected choice of cuffs includes comfortable and safe handcuffs, wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs and full body cuff sets. Choose between soft and romantic feather cuffs, firm support rubber or plastic cuffs and even professional style metal cuffs. For our inexperienced customers we suggest a selection of simple cuffs with a quick-release option. Cuffs are considered to be very important novelty toys products. I Sex Doll works with nearly every Sex Toys manufacturer in the business. We continue to display new and improved adult play Cuffs every day, so stop by as often as you like to see new and improved novelty products.

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